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Can’t I Pee in Peace?

This morning I’m sitting in the bathroom, space heater blaring, and reading blogs.  It is a small escape from the responsibilities of my life.  Just for a few minutes, I want to be alone.

Suddenly, the bathroom door moves and in pops a fuzzy white nose.  Norah.  My little 12 year old pekepoo.

“Whatcha doin’, Mama?”

“Reading. Hiding.”

“I have to go out. Again.”


And with a last look that says, “Please hurry.”  Norah leaves, the bathroom door now cracked open.

Just a few more minutes, just another moment of freedom, please. I continue reading, looking for new and inspiring blogs to add some humor to my day. Then, another nose in the door: This one is gray and of a feline persuasion. Nan.

“Hi, Mama. Just thought I’d stop in.”

“Hi, Nan.”

“Can you open the other door, please?  I hate closed doors.”

“I know. But not right now.”

“Maybe later then.”  (She exits out the same door, disgusted)

Clearly, I need to improve my hiding techniques.  I used to have a walk-in closet where I could hide for at least 10 minutes before they found me.  Now, we’ve moved into a smaller place and there simply isn’t a way to escape.

I may never pee alone again…



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